About Scope

With 15+ years experience in software and web development Scope offers a wide range of IT services.
Besides its expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle Scope is specialized in cost efficient, scalable, highly available big data and micro service solutions.

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Software Engineering

Scope supports at every stage of the software development life cycle by systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods and experience to the design, implementation, testing and documentation of software.

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Performance Optimization

Increased amount of data, recent code updates or even a change in user behavior can have a crucial impact on system performance. Profiling your application and optimize existing code will save costs for additional cloud or hardware resources.

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Technology Stack

Defining the right technology stack is one of the most difficult decisions in todays web and software development. Nearly every month week there is a new hype about the framework, library or toolchain utility that is finally doing it right.
Scope helps to find the perfect stack that meets all requirements and consists of proven core components as well as state-of-the-art technologies.


A recently applied technology stack for a big data analysis platform with focus on high availability, scalability and extensibility using a microservice architecture.

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Keeping the time to market short is important for new products. But launching a product that is unable to scale to a larger number of users can be mission critical.
Scope considers scalability while still maintaining the necessary software development velocity.

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High Availability

A service availability of 99.9% seems high, but there is is still up to 9 hours of downtime per year. Since always on is no longer just the expectation of Generation Z, even a few minutes of unavailability can harm your business.
Protect your system from unscheduled downtimes and stay online during maintenance using failover load balancing, replication and high availability clusters.

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With the rise of cloud software services and platforms, data security and encryption are often put in second place, until someone notices that your managed database service is exposed to the public internet.
Regular security audits protect your data against hacker attacks, corruption and security leaks.

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